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We feel that wheelbarrows need to be built tough to withstand the type of work they are expected to do. That's why we only carry the top of the line brands.  We sell our wheelbarrows fully assembled and ready for your next job.

Tuf-X Equipment

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Steel Drum | 6-Cubic Foot

Model: TP566

Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

Handles: Wood

Air Tire $229.99

Airless Tire $249.99
Poly Drum | 6-Cubic Foot

Model: PX120-X7

Weight Capacity: 550 lbs

Handles: Aluminum

Weight: 37 lbs

Air Tire $209.99

Airless Tire $219.99
Poly Drum | 10-Cubic Foot

Model: PX162-7

Weight Capacity: 750 lbs

Handles: Aluminum

Weight: 44 lbs

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Hand Truck | 800 lb Capacity

Model: TX800TM

Height: 44"

Width: 20"

10" Airless Wheels

20" Removable Nose Extension

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