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Insulated Blankets

Quick Specs
  • 3/16” thick with three layers of PP foam.

  • Lightweight, flexible, blankets lay flat in sub-zero temperatures.

  • Fabricated with polypropylene (PP) closed cell foam insulation which is moisture resistant, ensuring retention of maximum insulation properties.

  • Sewn edge ribbon provides four layers of fabric for added grommet strength.

  • Double-stitched edge seam to prevent foam shifting.

  • Foam cut to the edges reduces heat loss at extremities.

Clear Construction Tarps

Quick Specs
  • Fabricated with woven coated polyethylene (PE) fabric.

  • Transparent for visibility and light entry.

  • Grommets every three feet for tie-down.

  • Provides cost effective protection from weather and falling debris.

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