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> Husqvarna PG450

Husqvarna PG450

PG 450 is a versatile and user-friendly planetary floor grinder. Perfect for a wide range of applications, e.g. coating removal, concrete grinding and concrete polishing. It is also suitable to use to make Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR®. With its 18 in. grinding width it is excellent for both small hard to get to areas, as well as larger surfaces. It is ideal for rental and both professional and semi-professional applications due to its many self-adjusting benefits. 1-phase means it is suitable for industrial and domestic applications. It can easily be folded and divided without tools for transport and storage.

Husqvarna PG450 Floor Grinder
Husqvarna PG450 Floor Grinder
Husqvarna PG450 Floor Grinder
Husqvarna PG450 Floor Grinder

Application --> Grinding & Removal

Optimal for the removal of plastic-like ceramic glues, vinyl glues, epoxy coatings, and paint 



Machine Rental

$250 | Day          $1000 | Week          $2000 | Month

Diamond Grinding Teeth Rental Includes (9) diamond teeth in 30, 50, or 100 grit

$135 | Day      $540 | Week      $1620 | Month

Teeth can also be purchased @ $79.99 each.  Nine are required for the machine to work properly.

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**Rental pricing is plus 11% Damage Waiver and HST.


Application --> Polishing

Must be done in a precise step by step format in order to achieve a polished look.  The following prices are based on 1500 Square Feet of concrete floor.  All diamond teeth, resin pads, and chemicals must be purchased.  Discounted pricing is available to contractors.


Machine Rental

$250 | Day          $1000| Week          $2000 | Month


Required Diamond Teeth @ $79.99 each 

(9) 30 Grit Teeth

(9) 50 Grit Teeth

(9) 100 Grit Teeth


Required Resin Polishing Pads @ $39.99 each

(9) 50 Grit Pads

(9) 100 Grit Pads

(9) 200 Grit Pads

(9) 400 Grit Pads

(9) 800 Grit Pads


Chemicals Required

20 Litres of GM3000 ($217.60)

20 Litres of CUREK ($261.60)

5 Litres of HiperGuard ($168.80)


**Rental pricing is plus 11% Damage Waiver and HST.  Accessory pricing is plus HST. Additional material and equipment required if edging needs to be polished.  Additional material may be need to aquire desired polished look.


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