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Moving Equipment

Fold Up Ramps

900lb Capacity

$12/Five Hours | $18/Day | $54/Week | $108/Month

Ramps Rented as a Pair

Dollie | 4-Wheel

3' x 2'

 $8/Day | $32/Week | $80/Month

Dollie | Trailer

Assists When Moving Trailers

$14/Five Hours | $18/Day | $72/Week | $216/Month

Stair-Climbing Cart | Electric

Lift Large Heavy Objects Up a Set of Stairs with Ease

1,500lb Capacity | Weighs 185 lbs

$150/Day | $600/Week | $1800/Month

Appliance Cart

Has a Strap to Assist with Heavier Items

750lb Capacity

$20/Five Hours | $28/Day | $72/Week | $178/Month

Multi-Mover Cart

4-Wheels to Assist with Heavier Items

750lb Capacity

$24/Five Hours | $36/Day | $108/Week | $216/Month

Hand Cart


500lb Capacity

$20/Day | $60/Week | $180/Month

Drywall Cart

8" Diameter Solid Wheels

3600lb Capacity

$48/Day | $192/Week | $384/Month

Pallet Jack

Standard Forks (48"L x 27"W) | Narrow Forks (36"L x 21"W)

5500lb Capacity

$38/Day | $152/Week | $304/Month

Airglide Appliance Mover

Easily Move Heavy Appliances Without Damaging Floors

700lb Capacity

$28/Five Hours | $36/Day | $144/Week | $432/Month

Lifting Straps

Lift Heavy Appliances Using Leverage

800lb Capacity

$12/Day | $32/Week | $96/Month

Strapping Machine

Use Metal or Plastic Strapping

$24/Five Hours | $36/Day | $144/Week | $432/Month

Strapping not included. Call ahead to ensure we have enough strapping to satisfy your needs.

Suction Cup

Rented as a Pair

125lb Capacity Per Suction Cup

$24/Five Hours | $36/Day | $108/Week | $216/Month

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